How We Will Sell Your Home Fast

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Different Real Estate Markets

While we specialize in conventional sales but we understand not everyone can manage one. We have a large network of real estate flippers, investors and builders we work with to help solve your particular situation. Being able to sell a variety of ways helps our clients receive the best price.

  • Large network of real estate professionals
  • Convention sales strategy
  • Multiple different avenues to find buyers
  • Real estate sales tailored to you

Marketing Your Home

Over 93% of home buyers use some form of internet searching to find their home. This is a huge market we focus on extensively. Through organic methods (SEOs, etc.) and paid methods (Google Ads, etc.) we are able to have a strong internet presence and help your property reach the largest buyer pool.

  • Through online marketing we reach over 2,500 people in your market daily
  • 3 times larger buyer pool than the nearest competitor in Birmingham
  • We beat our nearest competitor by 1.4million units sold (2019)


Communication and reliability are the two biggest complaints when it comes to dealing with real estate professionals. We solve this problem by creating weekly reports on the progress of your home sale. We understand how important the sale is to you and are vigilant in keeping you informed.

  • Weekly status reports of your listing
  • Keeping the client up to date with the sale
  • Experienced agents and realtors that are readily available

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