Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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You’ve had the discussion and think you might be ready to sell and move on to another property. Congratulations! Here are some simple steps to getting ready.

Home Appraisal

Do yourself a favor and spend the $300 getting a non biased appraisal, it’ll give you more information into if now is the right time for you to sell.

While you wont need an appraisal if you are selling with a realtor, it could still be useful. Some owners like to tell the realtor what price they think they should get (99% of the time this price is too high), which is understandable this is your house you’ve loved for years, but please take into consideration these 11 words.

Your House is Only Worth What Someone is Willing to Pay

This is true in any product or service but is especially important in real estate, everyone wants to feel like they are getting a deal in someway shape or form. You as the seller need to take into account your main motivations and price accordingly.

Home Rehab

Your home will most likely need rehab before selling, weather it be new carpet or new paint, Your home will need some work. We want your house to stand out from the competition! I’m referring to smaller things under $5,000.

Showing Your Home

Great by this time you will be on the market and with that comes the responsibility of the seller to make sure the home is presentable every day before work. Keep the house smelling nice preferably something along with the season. It is very important in the selling process to be cooperative and able to show the house when the weird times come into play.

(A showing will usually only take around 15 minutes)

Accepting an Offer

Talk with you agent about how you guys want to respond to buyers. Personally I tell my sellers to wait on offers for 48 hours to think over all the options, and send the buyers mad, they be raising their price before you can submit a counter!

While its a negotiation tactic it does really allow you to mull over which options would better suit your needs


Preferably before accepting an offer have your agent or yourself, reach out to a title company and have them pull title. This is a free process and can help solve any issues with the title before getting to that stage!

Ben Hedden

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